Accelerating network expansion and value increase through promotion of adoption and usage to enterprises and institutions.

We enable faster growth and help boosting the international expansion of the ICON Network.


We are an international and multilingual team of dedicated and passionate block-chain experts. We have been early investors in the ICON project since the beginning, and we are excited about the possibilities and the progress made. Bringing ICON from Korea to the rest of the world is the biggest challenge. We see it as the biggest opportunity and are excited to take part in the international expansion of the ICON network by running a node. Being elected as a P-Rep would give us the opportunity to focus all our energies and efforts on the expansion of the ICON network, by promoting the advantages and usability of the ICON network to international enterprises via our B2B channels, and improving and intensifying of the social media marketing in multiple languages to a wider international audience by dedicated full time experts,

We are going to represent Icon as a P-Rep with a location in Japan. As a P-Rep we understand that we have a responsibility to take action. For us it means to cold call / mail businesses and enterprises to advise them about the advantages and ways to adopt the Icon block-chain in their organisation, organizing meetups, events and conferences and joining any event here (start-up meetups and conferences and even python coder meetups) that could be of interest for the future adoption of ICON.

Our plan is to promote Icon not only in Japan, but all over Asia, especially in fast-growing and innovative economies like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We believe that the Icon team created a great blockchain with fast and low cost transactions already, all it needs is to get adopted by enterprises and individuals.

That's where we step in - our mission is to promote the use of the ICON Network by organizing conferences and events, and proactively approaching companies and enterprises. We plan to hire freelancers for on the ground marketing in target countries to utilize local knowledge. This strategy is effective and offers the best returns regarding a wider use of the ICON blockchain.

We want to foster the adoption of the Icon blockchain for the use in mobile apps as well, we see a bright future for Icon there, as the cheap and almost instant transactions make it a perfect choice.

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